Elixer FAQ

1. How long do the Elixirs last?

Depending on how much you use and how often, the elixirs may last two weeks, a month, or two months. One elixir is meant to last for two weeks of daily application.

2. How long do I leave the Elixirs on?

For the best results you may want to leave the elixirs on for several hours. Anywhere from 2-4 or 8-12 hours is beneficial. The longer you leave the elixir on, the better it is for your scalp!

3. Will the Elixirs make my hair oily?

The Elixirs are a mixture of the finest oils in the world, so your hair may feel oily after applying. If your hair is excessively oily, cut down on applications per day.

4. What results should I expect?

If you are living a healthy lifestyle and have an all natural hair care regimen, you will start seeing your hair regain life and possibly new growth. Results vary from person to person. Remember, elixirs cannot help if you have internal-related hair loss, such as hormonal imbalances, stress or poor diet. Always check with your doctor if you have excessive hair loss, because it might be a symptom of an internal problem.

5. How often do I apply the Elixirs?

We recommend twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. However, some people may find their hair getting excessively oily, so you can cut down to once a day or once every other day. You can apply the elixirs as a nightly treatment, and rinse your hair free of the elixir in the morning, or you can leave the elixir in all day long for the best effect. Always shake your elixir before use.

6. How much Elixir do I apply to my scalp?

This largely depends on your hair type. Finer or straight hair types can do a single pump whereas thicker or curly hair types may require more than one pump. Put it at your hairline and any thinning areas of your scalp. If you want overall coverage, we suggest parting the hair in from front to back in ten or more sections. Apply the elixir in a small amount along the parted line, and massage the elixir in to the areas surrounding the part.

For more detailed instruction, including rotation schedules, please visit our instructions page and refer to the elixir section.

7. How do I apply Elixir to my scalp?

After showering and towel drying, pump elixirs into your palm and rub them together to spread the oil. Gently and sparingly massage elixir into hairline and all areas of thinning hair using your fingers. You may also apply it any time during the day. Apply liberally before 1-3 hours before bedtime. Massage into scalp and hair thinning areas and leave in all night.

Right as soon as you apply the elixir, you can follow it up with a deep scalp massage for 15-20 minutes, using the scalp massager or the pads of your fingers to really work the elixir in to the pores of your scalp. Brush your hair with proper technique using a boar bristle brush to spread elixir throughout your hair and scalp.

8. How often do I rotate Elixir?

Rotating the elixirs can be flexible, according to when you would like to apply them and when you have time. The rotation schedule depends on which series you start with. You continue rotating the series until the product is gone. During rest periods, we suggest using the Zen Detox.

Gold & Silver Elixirs

  • Use one, rest one week, use the other, rest a week. Repeat.
  • For oily hair, use the Silver alone until your scalp in normalised. For dry hair, use the Gold.

God & Goddess Elixirs

  • Alternate all 4 Elixirs for four consecutive weeks.
  • Start with Air Elixir and follow with Sea, Earth and Fire for one week each. Then let your scalp and hair rest one week.

Tri-Color Elixirs

  • Begin with the Amber Elixir and follow with the Emerald Elixir and finally the Ruby Elixir.
  • Use each for one week. Let your scalp and hair rest for one week.

If you are doing all three series, start with Gold & Silver, God & Goddesses, then finally the Tri-Colour. Wait a month between each series.

9. Which Elixirs do I start with?

Select which elixir(s) to use based on personal preference and how serious your scalp problems are. Severe problems such as hair loss or thinning, extreme scalp irritation and alopecia are best remedied by using all three Elixir Series.

  • Gold & Silver Elixirs normalise an excessively oily or dry scalp.
  • God & Goddess Elixirs reconstruct scalp to repair dry, damaged, brittle hair and split ends.
  • Tri-Colour Elixirs balance and condition scalp and hair follicles.

10. When can I use the Elixirs?

Generally we suggest you use Morrocco Method exclusively first, eliminating chemical products and starting healthy hair care habits like brushing and massaging. This prepares your hair and scalp to receive and absorb these vital elixirs. When you have finished your detox period, then you can start on the elixirs.

11. What are the Elixirs?

The elixirs are the most advanced tier of Morrocco Method hair care. These restoring elixirs help normalise sebaceous glands while promoting scalp and hair reconstruction, revitalisation and rejuvenation. They benefit people suffering from alopecia, hair loss, candida, psoriasis and scalp disorders.