Hair Detox FAQ

1. I washed with MM and my hair doesn't feel great, what's going on?

You are experiencing hair detox. Build-up from chemical products are clogging the pores of your scalp and shafts of your hair and must be removed before you can begin your healthy hair journey. As your hair begins to "let go" of plastics, silicones, and chemicals, you will notice some changes in your hair. You may also notice some changes with your scalp as you experience detox. With the natural botanicals in MM shampoos (and lack of chemicals!) your scalp will begin to regulate its own oil production naturally. This may mean you experience an overly dry OR overly oily scalp. Give your scalp time to readjust and re-regulate its own oil production.

2. Why is my scalp so oily after starting MM?

Because the scalp is accustomed to constantly being stripped of all of its precious sebaceous oil through chemical shampoos, it over compensates to protect itself and keep itself healthy by over-producing this oil. Basically, your scalp goes into shock every time you shampoo with sulfates and though you’re not washing with them anymore, it takes time for your scalp to catch up to what is happening. This may happen for as long as two months, until your scalp has a chance to realize — "Hey, nothing’s wrong anymore!"

Learn more about the Cycle of Sulfates in this blog article.

3. Why does my hair feel so Dry or "Rough" after starting MM?

If hair is extremely damaged, the true nature of it will show once detox is under way. Dry, rough, frizzy hair is a result of constant heat damage or chemical relaxers, perms, treatments or dyes. It may also be a result of damage from friction, and improper cutting technique. Make sure you are brushing daily. The brushing will bring the sebaceous oils from your scalp and spread them to the tips of your hair. You may also want to give your hair a Euro Natural Oil treatment.

4. Why does my hair feel so Matted or "Sticky" after starting MM?

When releasing the chemical build-up from hair strands and the scalp, it is common for hair to stick together and become matted and tangled. This is a result of the plastics releasing from the hair and attempting to “grab on” to anything they can—in this case: the rest of your hair.

5. I can't wait for detox to end, is there a way to speed up the process?

For those that have gone through extensive damage to their hair, and are experiencing a particularly rough detox we recommend using the Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy. This incredible clay hair mask, made specifically to pull toxins and heavy metals from the hair, helps to detoxify the hair and scalp and quicken the detox process. When starting MM, we suggest using this product once a week for three weeks in order to remove toxins from the hair and scalp while conditioning each strand.

6. How will I know when I am done detoxing?

You will know. Once you've fully detoxed you won’t need chemicals to make your hair manageable as long as you continue to stay away from chemical products. The end result will be beautiful, manageable hair that naturally produces the correct amount of sebaceous oils needed and clear, healthy pores along the scalp.

7. Can I use Zen Detox whilst pregnant?

You should get cleared by your doctor before using Zen Detox. If your doctor gives you the green light, then it's okay to use the product. Zen Detox is a multifunctional product. During pregnancy, many women suffer from swollen feet and ankles as well as from facial acne. Zen Detox, when applied to the legs can help decrease the swelling. When using Zen Detox as a Facial mask, it can help prevent or decrease the severity of acne by absorbing excess bacteria and oil from the face without drying the skin.