Curly Hair FAQ

1. I've used MM Curl Power once and I'd like more definition, how can I get it?

Sometimes, as is the case with natural ingredients, a product needs to be used more than once in order to see some effect. We recommend waiting 24-48 hours between uses and leaving the Curl Power on for 2 hours or more if necessary. It's also important not to use a chemical SLS shampoo when washing the curl power out as it'll strip everything from your hair. Curl Power coats the hair and nourishes it, similar to a protein treatment. If you have 4c kinky hair, you may benefit from two strand twisting 8-10 locks in order to see a difference. If you find that our shampoo is too clarifying, rinse the Curl Power out first thoroughly and see if that helps. Curl Power is so natural and gentle you do not have to fear any damage if you happen to leave a small amount behind!

2. Will Curl Power damage my hair like chemical treatments?

Curl Power contains 100% raw ingredients. Chemical relaxers, or perms, have a pH balance of 13.0 or higher, which makes for a damaging and alkaline effect on the scalp and hair. This damage prevents your scalp from naturally defending itself against bacteria, fungi and infections. Morrocco Method’s Curl Power pH is only 6.5 and has a deeply conditioning effect on your curls. Our product is not meant for straightening hair, it is meant for enhancing your natural curls by deep conditioning.

3. What should I do to fight Frizz?

Frizzy hair is a result of a loss of moisture or damage. MM Blood of the Dragon Gel helps to seal moisture in, and combats frizz efficiently with aloe—it's also great when mixed with MM Euro Natural Oil and scrunched into curls. If you want a lighter solution, our Diamond Crystal Mist is gentle and efficient at providing moisture. Sleeping with a satin pillowcase or bonnet, and drying hair with a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt are also great ways to avoid frizz!

4. How do I cut my naturally curly hair?

Make sure your hair is well hydrated and conditioned before you decide to trim your hair. It’s very easy to mistake frayed dry ends with hair that is actually in need of a trim! Also be sure that your hair is clean, detangled, conditioned/hydrated and easy to comb through. Have the Diamond Crystal Mist on hand to spritz hair to make it easier to trim. Then, part your hair into four or six sections, and make sure to trim only the tips that need trimming. Look for split or frayed ends, and stop there. Do NOT cut large sections all at once. It is important to cut a thin piece at a time. The thinner, more horizontal you can get your parted sections, the better.

5. Should I brush my natural curly hair?

Brushing with a boar bristle hair brush is an important part of healthy hair—especially if you're looking for length. Though it's a bit radical for many naturals in the U.S. to consider, brushing the hair regularly to stimulate the scalp and to transfer precious sebaceous oils from scalp to tips is important for ALL hair types. Brushing regularly encourages hair strength and hair growth. If you don’t like the way your hair "poofs" after brushing, brush in the evening before bed. After a quick rinse and some conditioning with MM conditioners your curls will jump back and look better than ever.

6. How should I deep condition my natural curly hair?

Morrocco Method Euro Oil Treatment

To maintain softness and moisture, use Euro Oil every 2-3 weeks. Spread it over your scalp with our MM Natural Rubber Scalp Massager, which encourages healthy blood circulation for fuller, more lustrous new growth. Cover with a plastic cap. After 4-8 hoursshampoo out, or if you are experiencing unusual dryness, leave it in all weekend!

Morrocco Method Neutral Henna Treatment

Using MM Neutral Henna as a deep conditioning treatment will offer you the same great benefit of henna conditioning without needing to change or alter your color. This henna is designed to act as a conditioning mask that will add body and shine to your hair. Leave this treatment on for 2 hours or overnight for best results and use 1-3 times a month. (See time frame in our literature.)

7. Why should I deep condition my natural curly hair?

Deep conditioning is one of the most important steps to achieving beautiful, luxurious, and natural curly hair. This doesn't just mean your conditioner in the shower, but it also means developing a continuous routine of deep conditioning and moisturizing. Your curly hair is thirsty for moisture, and it is important to feed it in order to prevent tangling, breakage, and shrinkage of your naturally curly hair.

8. How do I care for my natural curly hair?

You've already scored a "win" by deciding to make the change from chemically processed to all natural and healthy hair. Freedom from the extreme abuse of relaxers and perms on your curls is a wonderful gift you’re giving yourself. We all want long, healthy hair; however, using chemicals is guaranteed to reduce the quality and health of your hair. Morrocco Method products clean and oxygenate the scalp, helping to produce healthy new luxurious follicles and hair growth. There are five simple steps to achieving beautiful natural curly hair with Morrocco Method: Stop using ALL chemicals & heat, deep condition regularly, become aware of how you comb, brush, trim your tresses often, and use protective styling.