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  • Pure Boar Bristle Brush - Small

Pure Boar Bristle Brush - Small


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The Pure Boar Bristle Brush – Small is 7" by 2" and features nine rings of pure boar bristles to stimulate your scalp and spread sebaceous oils from the root of the hair to the tip. It is not a styling tool, but a form of dry shampooing. This brush features a pneumatic rubber cushion that allows for effective and efficient brushing as well as a hand polished plastic handle for ergonomic comfort.

This brush is for sensitive scalps and thinner hair types. We recommend detangling before brushing in order to further reduce breakage.



  • Stimulate the scalp and spread sebaceous oils from the root of the hair to the tip.
  • Provide ergonomic comfort with a pneumatic rubber cushion and hand polished plastic handle.
  • Add volume and enhance hair's overall look and health.
  • Alleviate oily scalp and condition dry ends.


More than just a styling tool, Morrocco Method brushes help spread the scalp's natural sebaceous oils, alleviating oily roots while conditioning dry ends. Most similar to human hair, boar bristles strengthen and add natural shine to hair. Our quality brushes feature humanely harvested European boar bristles. Daily brushing and massaging actively improves the condition of the hair and scalp and can stimulate blood flow, leading to better circulation.


  • Spreads natural oils throughout hair as an alternative to a natural conditioner.


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  • Not the best fit for me
    Review by Supriya Siddharth on 2/10/2021
    I bought this particular size thinking it would be easy to use as well as carry around. It was too small for me personally. The other thing is the brush got dusty very quickly and I didn't know how to clean it at all. While I personally liked the results when I used it to comb my hair, I think I would prefer a bigger one (even for carrying around) and would buy one only after knowing how to clean it properly.