Awaken Your Roots

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Awaken Your Roots: Secrets of the Master Hair Shaman Revealed is more than just a book about hair. It's a book about developing a balanced, holistic lifestyle and a positive attitude using hair as the path to realising both.

The message is that looking great and feeling great are mutually dependent. Follow the recommendations in this book, use Morrocco Method International products, and not only will you have a luxurious head of hair, but you'll feel great too!

Anthony Morrocco, founder and CEO of Morrocco Method International, knows the hair care business better than almost anyone in the world. To prove this point, Awaken Your Roots begins with Anthony sharing his journey. From a boy inspired by nature and the magic of hair, through his world travels and time at Kenneth's of New York, he becomes a world-renowned stylist and one of the foremost hair colorists. His mysterious path even leads to becoming a hair shaman. He also reveals tales of his encounters and successes with supermodels, movie stars and the financial and political elite.

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