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Health Through Qigong Video

Qigong & The Five Elements

Hair Shaman Anthony Morrocco talks about how he started learning Qigong and how it lead to his knowledge of the five elements. Stress is one of the major contributing factors to hair and scalp health. Leanring to control stress through qigong can help promote healthier growth.

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Healthy Breathing Excercises Video

Breathing Exercises

Master Hair Shaman Anthony Morrocco shares his favorite breathing techniques to relieve stress, improve health, and regain energy. Proper breathing techniques are key to healthy circulation and can help improve oxygenation of the scalp.

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Removing Negativity From Life Video

Removing Negativity from Your Life

Anthony gives his wisdom on removing negative things from your life. Simplicity is a key philosophy of Morrocco Method; we use only 100% natural, raw ingredients sourced from the earth to create our products.

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Raw Food Diet and Cravings Video

Raw Food Diet and Cravings

Master Hair Shaman Anthony Morrocco talks about his take on the Raw Food Diet and how he deals with cravings. Listening to your body’s wants is important to supplying the correct nutrients. The same is true for your hair, which is why Morrocco Method offers a complete line of hair care products, specialized for specific hair types.

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Benefits of Water Fasting Video

Water Fasting

Master Hair Shaman Anthony talks about the benefits of water fasting and how to introduce it into your routine. In combination with a raw food diet, water fasting can be a beneficial way to detoxify and regulate the body’s cravings.

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Raw Living Expo Video

Is Your Hair Raw?

A preview of Anthony's "Is Your Hair Raw?" keynote speech for the Raw Living Expo! Anthony Morrocco will be at the Raw Living Expo promoting Morrocco Method! He will be giving keynote speech, teaching qigong classes, attending raw body care panels and more!

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